Fixing an ECM vacuum breaker

My ECM Mechanika Profi IV was leaking steam when heating up. I located the leakege to the vacuum relief valve/vacuum breaker (C219900561). The valve is located on the top of the boiler and is used to release pressure from the boiler when the machine is turned off. You can test it by carefully pressing on the pin with a screwdriver, it can be done without removing the top plate, be careful since this will release hot steam. A leakage is usually caused by a worn out seal or scale buildup and does not require you to replace the whole part. Here is how you clean it and replace the seal.

  1. Remove the power cord from the machine and let it cool down. Release any pressure from the boiler.
  2. Remove the top cover by unscrewing the 4 bolts.

ECM Top Plate

  1. Locate the vacuum vacuum breaker. Unscrew it with a 17mm wrench.

ECM Valve

  1. With two 17mm wrenches, unscrew the valve from the brass fitting.
  2. Clean the valve and replace the seal (red one in the picture). I used a 3.68mm x 1.78mm silicone o-ring that can whitstand temperatures up to 220°C.

ECM Vacuum Relief Valve Assembly

ECM Vacuum Relief Valve Assembly

  1. Put everything back together and screw the valve back in place. Make sure that everything is tight and that the valve is not leaking.

ECM Mechanika IV Profi

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