Product-Led Growth vs Sales-Led Growth

There are a few prerequisites before you start thinking about the go-to-market (GTM) strategy for your »

Companies in Finland

I got Covid, had to quarantine in to our bedroom, so I needed to something to do. I found an old project of »

PRH, YTJ, Next.js, Netlify
Oikotie Upgrade Chrome Extension

Oikotie Asunnot is the biggest Finnish online marketplace for selling or buying houses/apartments. When buying »

Chrome Extension, Housing, Oikotie
Sanuli Solver (Finnish Wordle clone)

I have been playing the Finnish Wordle clone named Sanuli. It is an amazing game but can get very frustrating »

Sanuli, Wordle
Automatically uploading Google Sheet as CSV using Apps Script

Google Apps Script can be used to automate Google products with javascript. I needed to create a csv from the »

Google Sheets, Apps Script, Automation

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